ABRSM exam date

Our next set of exams and prep tests are taking place on Saturday 25 March 2017 at the Abbey College.

These are exams and prep tests taken with the ABRSM exam board and our examiner this time will be Miss Vanessa Scott.

The timetable has been drawn up and tutors will be sending these out to all students who have signed and paid up for their exams.

Please remember to practise regularly for your exams and make sure you download the ABRSM aural test app and use the appropriate grade level to get in plenty of practise for this element of the exam.  It is the same test regardless of instrument and is relevant to ALL graded exams without exception.

If you have any questions regarding your exam or prep test then please contact your tutor as soon as possible.

Good luck.

ASCA festival

Watch this space for details of our ASCA festival. The date is set and can be put in your diary as being Saturday 10 June 2017 and will be in the same format as last year with a first concert at around 2pm and a second around 4:30pm.

We will  be starting work on this after half term and as usual ALL students, despite age and length of learning, are invited to participate.

ABRSM exams Spring 2017

Our next ABRSM exam session will take place at the Abbey College on Saturday March 25th 2017.  All students and parents/guardians should be aware of their entree.

Preparation:  Aural tests can be accessed online and through various ABRSM apps.  Practising these between lessons is essential.  If you are unsure then please contact your tutor for help.

Make sure you do practise EVERY DAY on the run up to the exams.  This will make the whole experience less scary and a chance to show off what you are capable of.

Good luck all of you.

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