Piano & Singing

sarahcarrSarah Carr

Tutor in singing, piano and recorders at the Abbey, Ashbeach and Bury schools.

Sarah continues to work as a music tutor in several schools, teaching singing and piano as well as working as administrator and coordinator for the music provision. Sarah is keen to get the children to work together across the schools in workshops and performances.

Having studied Music at University of Scarborough along with Theatre Studies Sarah has had a varied career in the entertainment business in this country and abroad and has been teaching music, drama and dance (including Cheerleading) to children and adults in the Ramsey area since 2007.

ClaireEldredClaire Eldred

Piano and Music Theory tutor. Claire wins the award for working in the most schools!

Claire has been teaching for 20 years in Sussex and Cambridgeshire. She started learning the piano when she was 6, and being a piano teacher was all she ever wanted to do! Claire likes to inspire her students to use their talent and several former pupils are now working in the music industry and even as music teachers too: "It’s brilliant when your passion turns into a career." She has a very diverse music taste, but particularly likes folk music. She's also passionate about children learning the musical theory behind their instrument. Find Claire on MrsEldred'sStudio

Claire Everett      claire everett i

Piano, Keyboard and Singing Tutor

Claire works in a number of schools and has been teaching for ASCA since 2015. She began learning to play the piano from a very young age and combined her love of music with studying science at school and university. Claire came to Cambridge University in 1999 to do a PhD in Biology and one of the first things she did was to get a piano, she always had to have a ground floor room from then on! She has played and sang in many groups and choirs and really enjoys jazz, boogie woogie and blues. Her musical heroes include Jools Holland and Fats Waller. Claire really enjoys enabling and encouraging children and young people to grow in their knowledge and skill and to explore the wonderful gift of music!



Singing and piano tutor since April 2017

Warboys, Bury and Upwood school

GEmma Sharpe



About Our Teachers

All of our tutors are DBS/CRB checked and are fully trained in child protection and safeguarding

Each tutor will liaise directly with the student's parents / carers by means of email or telephone.

Tutors can be met at school assemblies and concerts when ASCA students are performing.