Updated 21 April 2020

In order for lessons to run smoothly payment MUST be made prior to the commencement of the music term. If payment is not received and no communication made with the Coordinator then lessons will not take place.  

We are pleased to confirm that we are still one of the most competitive music services in the county. As part of our best value commitment to you, we aim to stay that way.

Lesson costs are as per Sept 2019.

COVID-19 LOCKDOWN  Lesson Costs


Individual Lesson cost


Price per lesson

4 week term

20 mins



30 mins




In order to make payments please use the following buttons. 

Please include your child's name and school and their instrument on the details so that the money can be put on to the correct account.



Please note that if a child is funded through their school then this will cover 10 weeks in a term and is at the discretion of the Headteacher.  Top ups are possible and should be arranged through the ASCA Music office.

Any Problems?

If you have missed the payment date or have a problem please contact us to make alternative arrangements.