We offer lessons for children of all ages - from Reception/Foundation age (certain instruments only) to Sixth Formers.  Lessons are taken during the school day in the schools themselves.  Lessons may also be taken during lunchtimes and breaks and even after school sometimes, as long as pre-arranged with the tutors.  Where possible instruments should be available for home practice and tutors may be able to help you with finding these instruments or lending them to you.

Tutors liaise with parents/carers to organise days and times of lessons and payment is made based on a 5 weekly half term, with lessons roughly keeping in line with the school terms, although extra holiday lessons are sometimes available.  Lesson times can be either 20 minutes or 30 minutes. For higher level students at the Abbey College it is sometimes possible to book 60 minutes every other week after school or online.

A communication book, paper or email notes can be given to students in which a written record of each lesson is given and instructions.  This is an opportunity for pupils to revise what they did in lesson in order to practise efficiently at home. Parents should keep a close look at how much practise is done and encourage their child to keep a regular routine.  This is an essential part of learning an instrument and should be encouraged.

Lessons may also be taken online during busy school periods where lessons are often disrupted, or if a child is not in school for any reason or during school holidays.



Our very popular ASCA musician badges are available for just £1.50 from the ASCA office can be ordered here and can be bought at all ASCA music events.



Music Exams

Some of our students choose to take music exams.  We use ABRSM, Trinity, Rock School and MTB.  Ask you tutor if you wish to work towards an exam. Please remember different instruments take varying amounts of times to reach Grade standard. It is also very much dependant on age and practise routine.

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Enrolment can be made through our website 'sign up' page. Enrolments can take place throughout the year and new starters may begin at the beginning of new half terms, and payments will be adjusted accordingly.


We are now enrolling for AUTUMN 2021