Updated 19 June 2019

In order for lessons to run smoothly payment MUST be made prior to the commencement of the music term. If payment is not received and no communication made with the Coordinator then lessons will not take place.  This also includes people paying by installments.   Lessons will cease immediately if payment is not made.

We are pleased to confirm that we are still one of the most competitive music services in the county. As part of our best value commitment to you, we aim to stay that way.

Lesson costs are as per Sept 2020 and may be subject to change.

September 2019 Lesson Costs


Individual Lesson cost

Shared lesson cost


Price per lesson

10 week term

2 persons   sharing

3 persons sharing

15 mins (for continuing students in KS1 only)



Not applicable

Not applicable

20 mins



£5.80 / £58

£4 / £40

30 mins



£8.50 / £85

£5.80 / £58

60 mins  *new option



£17 / £170

£12 / £120


For those wishing to pay by installments this will still be possible and a payment plan will be drawn up before the term begins.

In order to make payments please use the following buttons. 

If you are an Abbey College Student then please inform Sarah Carr before making payment for the first time so you can be assigned a music tuition option on your account.

For all other payments (Primary School) or if you don't use the Abbey College Parentpay system, you can pay through the 'All Other Payment' button.

Please include your child's name and school on the details so that the money can be put on to the correct account.

Payment plans are available by prior arrangement only

Payment dates for 2019 / 2020 are as follows

Two part payment plan (for those who's bills are less than £170 a term):   

 1 September / 1 November                 1 January / 1 March          1 April / 1 June

Three part payment plan (for those who's bills are £170 a term or more)

  1 Sept / 1 Oct / 1 Nov               1 Jan / 1 Feb / 1 Mar               1 April / 1 May / 1June